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Our Menu

Please notify us of any food allergies that you may have.  Nuts are used in this restaurant.

Signature Axelrod Smash Burgers

Fresh ground and made to order

Lugnut Smash Slider

Hamburger with Axel Grease

Lugnut Smash Slider with Cheese

Hamburger with cheese and Axel Grease

Pork Lugnut Smash Slider

Ground pork with barbecue sauce

Hot Rod Deluxe Smash Slider

Hamburger with lettuce, onion, pickle and Axel Grease

Dually Double Smash Slider

Double Hamburger with with Axel Grease

3 -  $4.49     6 - $8.79     12 - $17.49

3 -  $4.99     6 - $9.89     12 - $19.69

3 -  $4.99     6 - $9.98     12 - $19.96

3 -  $5.69     6 - $11.29     12 - $22.49

3 -  $6.69     6 - $13.29     12 - $26.59

Only $4.99

All American Smash Burger

Our signature full 1/3 lb burger with Axel Grease, lettuce, onions & pickles served on grilled brioche.
Add Bacon $1  Add Cheese $.75 per slice


Signature Axelrod Chicken

Freshly made to order

Tri Five Tenders

5 White meat chicken tenders (1/2 pound) with sauce

Chicken Lugnut Sliders

3 fried chicken sliders with Axel Grease and pickles

Smash Slider Chili

Chili with beans, topped with 2 slider patties, colby jack & cheddar cheese, sour cream and a dash of cholula hot sauce




Chicken Sando

FriedChcken atop a Buttery Grilled Brioche Bun served with Axel Grease (Our Burger Sauce) Lettuce and Pickles.



Signature Axelrod Fries

Fresh ground and made to order

Axelrod Fries

Plain fries with Axel dust (Our secret seasoning!)

Small - $2.19 Large - $4.29

Signature Axelrod Fries

The Large Axelrod Fries and all signature fries are a full pound of fries plus the toppings

Rat Rod Bacon Cheese

Served with queso cheese and bacon

Drag Strip

Weiners, meat sauce, onions, celery salt and mustard

El Camino

Our chili cheese fries garnished with jalapenos

At the Car Wash

Our poutine with brown gravy and cheddar curds

Screaming Chicken

Buffalo chicken fries

Iroc Fries

Garlic parmesan fries

Hot Rod Tiki

Colby jack cheese, bacon, pineapple-jalapeno aioli, a maraschino cherry, a pineapple ring and garnished with pickled red onions

Smash Up Derby

Cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives










Signature Axelrod Wings

Fresh, brined, simmered and fried to order

6 for $7.49   |  10 for $12.39  |  36 for $43.99 (platter)

For platters, please call ahead: 1/2 Hour minimum - choose up to 6 sauces

Thai Chili

Sweet and spicy, garnished with green onion

Axel Grease

Slathered in our signature burger sauce


Olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese


Covered in our sweet barbecue sauce


Coated in our spicy buffalo sauce


Spicy honey mustard based house sauce - Hot and yummy!

Lemon Pepper

Sweet honey, lemon and pepper sauce


Tossed in barbecue sauce, drizzled with honey mustard


Signature Shakes & Sweets

Don't forget the Mix-ins!

Mix Ins

Oreo, Butterfinger, Fruity Pebbles or Malt for only $1.00!

Small 12 oz and Large is 20oz

Basic Shakes

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee

Hugger Orange

Orange creamsicle shake

Birthday Cake

Cake flavored share with colored jimmies

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream shake

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity rainbow cereal shake


Vanilla shake with candy crumbles

Banana Cream

Bananas, cream and graham cracker crumbles

The Elvis

Real bacon, chocolate, peanut butter and banana

Small -  $3.69    Large - $5.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $4.79    Large - $6.29 

Small -  $6.29    Large - $7.29 

Lulu's Dirty Worm

Small cup of ice cream with oreo crumbles and gummy worms


Signature Axelrod Sweets

Root Beer Float

Delicious vanilla soft-serve with root beer


French Fry Sundae

Vanilla ice cream swirled on a pile of fresh hot fries with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry on top!



Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer or Iced Tea) and bottled water



$1.59- $1.99

Signature Axelrod Kid’s Meals and Add Ons

Little Ones Meals and Big ones Deals!

Kid’s Meals

Smash Slider Kid’s Meal

Two Sliders On Our Squishy Snowflake Rolls, a small order of Our Axelrod Fries, an Apple Juice and a toy!

Chicken Tender Kid’s Meal

Three White Meat Chicken Tenders, a small order of Our Axelrod Fries, an Apple Juice and a toy! 

Meal Add On and Family Add On

Meal Add On

Add this to any entree to get a small fry and a drink.

Family Meal Add On

Add this to any entree to get a large fry and 4 drinks.





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