Who We Are

We started our business in 2019 in Warwick. We decided to get a Fast Food Menu and Do It Differently! Fresh To Order! This isn’t frozen, boring food. Our French Fries Have Our Signature House Made Sauces (Most Of Them) and Fresh Toppings! Our Sliders are Smash Sliders from Fresh Ground Beef! Our Wings are Brined,Simmered and Fried to Order and Our Shakes... Well You Can’t Fake them!!! Give Us A Try! You Will Not Be Disappointed.

Thank You For Your Business!


The food we serve at Axelrod’s Fry Shack is Made to Order. Nothing is sitting on a warmer. Whether it be a single Signature Shake, a meal for a family of 4 or wing platters for a party, we make them when you want them!! Rest assured you will have the freshest meal ready when you arrive! Thank you For Choosing Axelrod’s Fry Shack!

What Can We Make For YOU?


The “Shoe Box”

The Shoe Box Is One Dozen Of Our Signature Smash Sliders! You can get. Our Lugnuts, Lugnuts w/ Cheese, Hot Rod Deluxe, Duallys, Chicken and Pork Sliders! 

Turn It into a Meal by adding a “FAMILY MEAL ADD ON” and get a POUND of Axelrod Fries and 4 Sodas

Our Signature French Fries

Pictured is the Drag Strip Its one of Our many Signature Fries. The Drag Strip Is Tossed With Our Fry Seasoning “Axel Dust” Then Topped with Lil Rhode Brand Meat Sauce and Weiners, Mionced Onions, Mustard and Celery salt! Try Our Other Fries!!!

Our Signature Lugnut Smash Sliders

Our Signature Sliders Start from little meatballs that are placed on the grill, seasoned then.....SMASHED! NEVER FROZEN! Grilled to perfection!  They are served on Our Squishy Snowflake rolls with AXEL GREASE which is Our Housemade Burger Sauce (everything a Mac sauce wishes  it could be.)

Our Signature Wings

Our Signature Wings Are first Brined for 24 hours they are then Simmered in Brine, Cooled then Fried to order!  Try all Our House Sauces! 

Orders come in 6,10 and platters of 36. Platters can be ready in as little a 1/2 hour. 

Our Signature Shakes

Our Signature Shakes all have a 10% Cream Base! We then spin in all the LOVE to make the shake you order! Watch every month we usually have a seasonal FAVORITE!!!


1000 Sandy Lane Warwick, RI 02889, USA

Email us or call 401-732-2953

Hours of Operation

Call Ahead, Drive Thru, Walk-Up, Car Hop
or Order Online at our Warwick or Cranston location.

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 9pm
Friday: 10am - 10pm

Saturday 12pm-10pm

Sunday 12pm-9pm

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